• Worksite tents can be produce with the width of minimum 4m- maximum 7m and at desired length with 2m intervals.
  • Siding material is canvas. Thanks to that, no water and dust permeability is available.
  • Heat insulation can be applied to the tents. Thanks to heat insulation, it is suitable to any kind of climate. Heat insulation material is non-flammable aluminium foil.
  • Interlining material is polypropylene jute fabric.
  • Since the coating is not galvanized, its skeletal life is longer.
  • In manufacturing of iron skeleton, pipe and section material are used which are produced from galvanized sheet.
  • The tents can be designed with fire stopping property upon request.
  • Thanks to being light and easy to package, it provides convenience in transportation and assembly
  • Construction site type tents are used for dormitory, refectory and storage purposes.