• Steel construction buildings can be produce with the width of minimum 10m- maximum 30m and at desired length with 3m intervals.
  • Siding material is import polyester canvas. They can be designed with fire stopping property upon request.

  • Steel skeleton system is manufactured with static project.

  • The entire system is manufactured to be mounted with bolts. With the help of crane, it is fixed to

the beam concrete by anchorage system. For mountings made onto the current concrete ground,truss legs are fixed by steel dowels.

  • The entire steel system is electrostatic powder paint is coated.

  • Storage and transportation convenience is provided thanks to hinged or sliding gateway system, which can be opened to any desired point and is suitable to vehicle entrance -exit.

  • It is possible to mount construction and factory fields in a short time and then remove them to other places.
  • Acrylic ground coating is applied onto the asphalt for the playground in tent structures used ın sport facılıtıes.
  • Optional heat insulation applied at tennis courts or in gyms. Heat insulation decreases the effect of sun in summer and effect of cold in winter.
  • Field closures can be made entirely as well as current open fields can be closed afterwards.
  • Sport arenas built in entire system which are ground, steel construction, tent coating, heating and lighting.
  • For indoor tennis courts and gyms, sliding doors are made in desired sizes for ventilating purpose.